John and Clare, Everglides Ltd
would like to welcome you to

The South Coast


A fun roller skating event at Goodwood Motor Racing Circuit near Chichester, in Southern England.

Sunday 21sth August 2016

For the fifth year running, the South Coast Roll will take place at Goodwood Motor Circuit, West Sussex. The date will be Sunday 21st August 2016.

We will be keeping the popular no frills format for this year, just the best track in the country for 5 hours of skating with some like-minded people. Come along, skate as much or as little as you like, stop for a break if you want, maybe even arrange a group picnic half way round the track with the rest of your friends. If the sun shines it will be a fantastic day, if it rains, who cares, itís only water, so we get a bit wet.

Tickets are £8 per person, and will be on sale until 1 weeks before the event. Tickets will also be available on the day at £10 per person in cash, or £12 by card.. Please support this event by buying your tickets early as we have to pay the Goodwood track fee and insurance up front. Thankyou.

Spectators are welcome to come and watch free of charge. Please note that Goodwood have a ĎNO DOGS ON SITEí policy.

We welcome all types of skates, quad, inline, skateboards, longboards, scooters, heelys, infact, anything with wheels, as long as it isnít motor powered or pedalled. We are sorry but we cannot accept bikes. The management reserve the right to refuse access to skaters using unsafe or unsuitable equipment.

We recommend the use of protective equipment such as helmets, knee, elbow and wrist guards. Whilst we donít make this obligatory, the track is tarmac, and it will hurt if you fall on it.
Please be aware that all skating is carried out at the skaters own risk, the management will not accept responsibility for injuries incurred during the event, however caused. A medical team will be available on the day if required.

The track will be open from 11am until 4pm on Sunday 21st August The circuit is approximately 2.4 miles long, smooth tarmac with no pot holes, roadworks, pebbles or pavements, so perfect for skating on. It is generally flat, with some slight slopes, and is suitable for all ages. Complete beginners to expert skaters are all welcome.

If you want to push yourself a little harder, then 11 laps of the track will be a full marathon, and if you have an Iphone or similar modern smart phone with a GPS function, you can download an app that will track your performance. You can then publish this information up to Facebook or twitter if you like.

The best way to keep up to date with latest situation is to keep an eye on our Facebook page. Youíll find a link to the page from the buttons on the left of this screen, or you can just click the logo above. We will post updates on here whenever we have them, and since this is the easiest way for us to keep everyone updated, this will be the first place we will post to.

You can also contact us from here, and youíll be able to see who else is interested in coming to the event.

 Clare and I are really looking forward to a great dayís roller skating on Sunday 21st August 2016, and really hope you will be able to join us there.

Hoping the sun shines on the day, and the rain clouds stay away

                          Best wishes,
                                                                 John and Clare,
                                                 Everglides Ltd